Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Own special way...

I GRADuated.
I sat in a crowed auditorium with a silly hat and listened to old men
(not one woman spoke, hmmm)                                                         praise me for all
I blinked, flipped my ring, and marched out into the bright sunshine. 

Four years are through. 
I hugged the hell out of all my friends, stuffed mugs and books into card board boxes and drove away from my sweet town.  I love Abilene. But I also know when it's time to leave. For me, it was May 15th, 2011. I may go back, but for now I waved goodbye. 

I noticed TWO things this weekend. ONE: My Mom. TWO: My Dad. 
They both know how to love me in their own special way.
Mom has a heart of a servant and the metaphorical strength of an Ox. 
She walked into my cluttered house and stared at the packing attempt I had made, stuffing mugs into plastic bins. With an exasperated sigh, she rolled up her sleeved and began to carefully pack away each of my precious mementos. There are some things I just could not do without my mother.
Dad has the precious ability to delicately embrace me when I am unaware of my need to cry.  
I sobbed into my Dad's shoulder, leaving hurts the soul.  All he said was, "you're sad." Somehow he knows. My Dad sees my deep sadness, masked by an excited trip. I will absolutely miss my college life, but I will not allow it to be the end of all good things. 

In the words of the 
great John Avery Whitaker
__"The best is yet to come." __


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