Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. TastyKakes

Graphics by Pugly Pixel.
I have spent the last few days in Philadelphia
At a model UN conference.
I sat in a room with students from
University of Chicago
and other 'prestigious' Universities
thoroughly intimidated.
As the first session began, I looked around the room flabbergasted
at the note passing, placards thrust in the air and students tromping to the front of the room to make superfluous speeches that left me speechless.
I have an aesthetic eye and a passion for 'grassroot' ministry.
I absolutely do not have the passion for
national sovereignty
private investors
points of inquiry
making motions
Two moments of enlightenment:
I was briskly walking down 16th street of Philly and past once and then twice
a man and son squatted on the cold ground
with a flimsy piece of cardboard scribbled with sharpie.
My papa knocked on my heart and reminded
me that every time I love another
I am serving the face of Jesus.
I turned around for the third time and tentatively
scooted over to this man.
I began by roughly asking
Tu espanol? (rough)
"No. Roma."
Ce Faci?!?
Cum te ciam? (Rough; What is your name?)
And this is about as far as our conversation got.
I was just so excited to meet a family with whom I could share even a tiny tidbit of understanding. I am sure he felt the same way.
How hysterical for me to be so absorbed in my own academic
misery that I almost missed the mission, the calling
placed on my heart.
I have been given the talent to tell stories.
Not to write resolutions and pretend to be political.
This european man and a Pastor from Washington
gently reminded me of the place where my
Story Telling
has been requested.
How daunting.
And not so very specific.
Mr. TastyKakes.
I sat on the airplane in route to Dallas and knew that the minute my seatbelt clicked it would be a very long flight.
I had a paper due the next morning at nine and had promised myself diligence on the flight.
However, Charles introduced himself immediately
and was not in mood to silently stare out the window.
I noticed how he clutched a faded black book labeled
Holy Bible,
Stuffed with papers and photographs.
Charles was a man who let you no immediately
he was not about sitting behind a desk the rest of his life.
He loved to work with his hands,
a plumber
a painter
a poet
and many others trades
accumulated into a very colorful man.
Charles had a story to tell.
(I kept thinking how much Charles would enjoy a conversation with my dad.)
He was a simple man with simple convictions
and a heart transformed by Boet.
How funny that I could spend five days in the presence of such brilliance
and see these University elites deny any amount of self corruption.
And then see a man who understands brokenness and clings to the only thing that makes us whole.
Dear Charles,
Thank you for the Philly made TastyKakes.
They are inspiring.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never to early to celebrate...

So it might be two weeks until Thanksgiving,
but I believe that a season of giving thanks can easily be fused with a time for good cheer.
Lauren and I made paper ornaments while Angela snuggled on the couch.
And that leads to the second thing worth celebrating...
They really do make life interesting and swollen with joy.
We have laughed unconstrained,
cried for no good reason,
filled our bellies with Lauren's Spaghetti,
played practical jokes,
farted around

Needless to say I am thankful for these two bucketheads.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today has reminded me of Winnie the Pooh.
Chuckling as he fights against the blustering wind
watching Piglet fly by yelping for assistance
And Christopher Robin in his blue shorts, cardigan and bright red scarf.
All I want to do is bake.
Take a walk
Wearing this.
And these while petting him.

I just really love Sheep.

A side thought.
I finally went grocery shopping and felt an overwhelming amount of peace as my cabinets filled. I wish that life could be that easily satisfied. When you hear a grumble and notice cobwebs in the kitchen, simply nod, grab your keys and trot over to the market.
But life requires so much more than one decision for change.
It takes a daily pruning of self.
Who do I want to be? Am I empty? Well then, lets get to work.
In the book of Ezra, the Hebrews begin to worship at the site of the temple before the ground has even been broken.
It begins with redemption of the heart.
Reconstruction cannot occur until our hearts are completely surrendered to Christ.
Otherwise we build up soggy well groomed behaviors.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sad Bird's looking chipper.

You see this little guy? His name is Sad Bird and he lived on the window tint of a borrowed church van. Sad Bird represents something not so sad at all actually. In the midst of a scheduled discombobulated summer, I had the rich privilege of hopping onto a "cheap" flight to Portland, Oregon to celebrate the wedding of my authentically joyful cousin Mandee. A complete treat, like a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting. A time to gather for
S'mores roasts,
ultimate frisbee,
assembly lines,
gut busting circles of laughter,
more prayer,
delicious home cooked food,
pizza and veggies on the patio,
Good Beer,
Beach trips,
and Photos.
When I worry about being stressed and losing little joys, I remember Sad Bird and all the jokes told while staring out his old window. The life giving weekend that reminded me of the vitality of celebration. Of Laughing. And the anticipation of another family reunion rapidly approaching in the honor of my brothers wedding.
So hats off to Good Times Van Round 2!! T-minus 19 days.