Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer is swinging

"having the eyes of my heart enlightened."

I am once again in the state of Colorado, I spent this weekend in a sweet bliss enjoying the things I am neglected eight months out of the year.

Meadow Mountain- a cafe that screams of small town warmth. I sat for two hours inhaling their incredible cinnamon coffee and a mound of french toast. Good company is what makes any place worth the visit right? I love that during our breakfast Les (one of the mayors) and his dog Zena sat down to chat about recent rescues the volunteer fire dept. had made.

A Hike- After dehydrating our bodies with caffeine, we chose to strap on our camel backs and hike up Lookout Mountain, only to be deterred a few miles in by the massive amounts of snow that seemed to have remained only on the trail we were following. But still a beautiful morning.

With an afternoon ahead of me, I drove mouse (my car) down the canyon to my favorite quirky town Boulder, Colorado. It is fascinating to sit on a stone bench eating frozen yogurt and "people watching". This is a town so full of diversity that there is no choice but to grin and observe the whiplash of hair and clothing styles strolling down pearl street, all with various destinations. When summer swarms Boulder, it is as though hibernation has been broken releasing a plethora of winter's captives to relax on outdoor patios and fresh green parks. Hundreds of bikers swerve to avoid tourists and teenagers, dogs pant on the side walks tethered to wrought iron restaurant tables. Street entertainers bravely juggle bean bags and torches with the prospect of suckering some sap from Kansas or Texas into donating a dollar.

On Sunday I chose to join the ranks of hardcore spandex sporting bikers and cycle down highway 63, which can be confused for Ireland rather than the foothills of the Northern Rockies. Ending once again at Pearl Street with a repeated dose of pomegranate froyo covered in fresh Blackberries and an amusing game of point out the Boulder natives vs. wide eyed visitors.

And now camp training begins, another year of kids, mountains, and a community that is separated from my regular life. It is a beautiful place that demands my whole heart.

In four days I will be sitting on a plane, flying across the ocean to Lugov Romania. I am under the impression that there is something very important for me to discover in my Ten day trek in the small villages of Eastern Europe. I can only hope that I have the willingness to keep the eyes of my heart open and ready.